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For the Love of Cake- A cake lovers guide to decadence

There's nothing more endearing than sharing generous slices of mouthwatering cakes with family or friends. While you bake a cake you are taking advantage of some magical scientific transformation to create something sugary, delicate and delicious, that everyone will love. Who in this world doesn’t like cakes? You? Everyone does, right? What better than knowing the art of baking something you love?Baking cake is an ageless tradition, I’m sure you might have tried baking a cake once in your life. The first skilled bakers that came into existence were probably the Egyptians, during their time's cakes were basically bread with egg and honey. The earliest English cakes were also essentially bread, the only distinguishing factor in them was the shape- flat and round.
You know that you can make it up to any of your loved ones be it friends, lovers, siblings or sometimes parents to by baking a cake for them.We, Indians anyway have a good sense of taste when it comes to food and espec…

All About The Fine Art Of Baking

This existence is fleeting and if one had to hold it by the reigns, the task would be as humongous as Hercules, moving the mountain. Yet as a part of human nature, we are prone to test our waters and perseverance, to achieve the unthinkable. And such is our hunger for life that it surpasses every other aspect of existence- we are beasts guided by the fancies of our senses. With eyes we view our acquisitions, with ears we pick up the cues to safeguard ourselves, through nose, we guide ourselves out of unpleasantness and through skin we comfort ourselves of this existence. But wait……..aren’t we missing something? Oh yes- the tongue. The organ that houses all the nerve endings, connected to the finer things in life- including baked goodies.

Starting from savoury lasagnes to sweet chocolate covered cookies to healthy baked sweet potatoes- oh! how those baked goodies taste in your mouth? Salivating, eh? And while we can daydream endlessly about baked decadency melting in our mouth, why no…