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Getting to learn cooking from grandma

Let’s face is not an easy job. With all the mixing, grinding, heating involved, it involves lot of physical as well as mental stamina. And this is one fact that I got to learn quite late in life. Till my early teens, like any normal teenager I thought cooking was a child’s play. So, when my grandma came visiting home , I decided to cook her some breakfast of simple omelette, toast and tea. This is an incident, when I was 17 years old, and looked down at cooking as a housewife’s job . So, back to the story... I decided to serve my grandma  some nice breakfast and alas! the breakfast was anything but nice. It was disgusting to the core…. The toast was all burnt up, the omelette half made, and the tea was hardly drinkable as I had put too much tea leaves in it. Then grandma gave me lesson of my life. She taught me how to make a nice well fried toast and omelette. She taught me the use of frying pan and how much oil to put and how to saute the eggs. That did teach me something.…

Cooking with friends Culinary course

A get together with your loving school friends is always a nice experience. In fact it stresses the blues out of you. I’d like to share one such get together with my school buddies when we decided to hold a picnic. The day was Sunday, for obvious reasons, and the venue was the local park in front of our house. We decided, that the cooking would be done by us on the day itself and each one of us would contribute. So, the anticipated day finally arrived and we all brought all the eateries and the necessary ingredients required to cook the food. It was unanimously decided that we all will cook kedgeree or khichdi as we call it hindi. So...the process began and the final product was cooked and served. We tasted and Alas! It tasted awful ! So, the deductions and the interrogation began that what went missing and final verdict was…..none of us brought salt. Whatever, we ate the saltless khichdi and in spite of everything it did not taste as bad as we thought it to be. Those were the times wh…

Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore Blogspot_Man or woman: Who’s the better cook?

It’s the battle of the sexes again. But, the playground is the kitchen this time. So, the age old question...who’s the better cook? Men or the fairer gender? Let’s have a closer look…. Early men were supposed to be hunters, womenfolk took care of the household and the children and this is what the history books reveal. Kitchen and cooking have predominantly been a woman’s domain. Many historians believe that the food and cuisines that we eat in the modern times, have to a great extent been structured and designed by women. However, the same history books also reveal that in countries like India, there used to be tradition of bawarchi or khansamas who were exclusively males. In the modern era, if one has a closer look at all the major restaurants and hotels, then one can see that they have men as the chefs and cooks. One has to admit, men who know to cook are indeed, very good in their job. However, women too are known to be good administer of the kitchen and cook really good. After all,…

Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore Blogspot_Learning Cooking Through Recipe Books

“Reading Recipe books”...ask any wannabe cook or a novice trying his hands in cooking that, ‘ how he/she can become a   good cook’ and most probably that would be the answer. Honestly speaking even I followed these books when I had started my journey through the kitchen. I still remember that as a college goer, when I was still a beginner and was learning to prepare breakfast, I dwelt heavily on these recipe books. And must admit that they did help me and do admire them even now.
Nowadays, there are some culinary institutes which offer best culinary courses in India . These courses, one needs to say, are lot better than those self help recipe books, for after all, one gets to learn everything by complete hands on training. This not only allows one to get expert guidance, but learning everything practically definitely increases the dexterity of hands. Also, best culinary colleges in India offer number of courses; that is short term and long term course; to choose from. The students can …

Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogs_A LOT CAN HAPPEN OVER A DINNER

A dinner date, specifically a candle lit dinner date is something what romantic stories are made of. Now, if the food is good and the company entertaining, then one cannot but exclaim that this is what life is made of ! Talking of dinner, I too went on a dinner date and no, not with a friend, but with my family.

I reminisce that time when it was the early 90s and I had gone to this upmarket restaurant situated in a posh Gurgaon locality along with my Maa and Dad. And the food on menu was mixture of veg and non veg platter. Let me  describe the platter. The veg platter consisted of the usual dal, rice, mixed vegetables and curd. While the non veg platter was an exotic combination of prawn fried rice, butter chicken, lentils and salad. The guest attraction, the sweet dish called ‘Mumble tumble’.
Now a dessert which is named so as the one selected by us, sounded foreign and exotic to me. And when the sweet dish arrived, it was well….a dud. For anything that name spells mumble tumble, and …

Culinary arts in small towns

Culinary art has gone through much changes since it first came into vogue. Culinary arts has gone through a sea of innovation since it was first incorporated in day to day life. It is a known fact that cooking is a vital part of our day to day life. There are many professional culinary colleges in Asansol where the enrollees can get acquainted with all the aspects of cooking. Here they are taught the alpha and omega of cooking. The professional culinary colleges in Aurangabadare structured in such a way that people can easily learn everything about cooking by complete hands on training.

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Straight from the Kitchen of a Bachelorette

My cooking… now one may fall short of words in describing it. My first encounter with the saucepan and gas flames was at ten years old. Tea was the first thing that I learnt to cook.  I also tried my hands in omelette making and few snacks like sandwiches, as an 11 years old and proud to declare they were quite a success. And that was that. I learnt nothing else relative  to cooking till my mid twenties.
I will like to share one more experience when my grandma came visiting. My parents were out of home due to some family emergency and telephoned that they would be late. And then the inevitable happened, instead of ordering food I decided to cook. The food on menu was ‘egg curry’ and it would be anybody’s guess that the end product was disaster.
The egg curry that I made was all watery, sugary, slimy stuff with broken half boiled eggs floating at the top. And the sight was enough to make everyone throw up. My grandma became the object of my experiment. She ate the product with a twitche…