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Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogs_ Khansamas’- The Indian cook

Whenever we talk about culinary arts, the picture that comes in mind is of lavish sea food dipped in sauces or some delicacy stewed in piping hot curry. Most people think that it’s the west which has taught the Indians the art of cooking these dishes. And here’s where they falter. India always had a rich tradition of cooking. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that culinary art is one skill that  almost every Indian household holds. India always had the rich culture of khansamas. Khansamas were these fabulous cooks that were a regular feature in the kitchens of every royal household. They were not product of foreign invasion and were thoroughly home bred. Who can forget that the ‘shahi tukda’ of the Lakhnavi Nawabs was an invention of these Indian chefs? Most of them were illiterate, but a master in their craft.
Fast forwarding to the modern times, this trend of khansamas has declined, but what remains is traces of their skills. We the modern generation can learn a lot about culinar…

Psychology of eating good food

Someone said “There is no love sincerer than the love for food”. Food is one important part of our universe and food is something around which all our activities revolve. After all we earn to eat. And not just eat…. eat well that is. Early men dwelt on raw vegetables and fruits. With the evolution of civilisation, cooking came into the scenario. Since then there has been no looking back. Cooking has evolved according to different cultures and this type of cooking has lead to the development of different cuisines.

There are various culinary arts institutes which provide different professional culinary courses in India. These courses cater to the needs of the middle and upper middle class people and teach the enrollees all the knicks and knacks of the trade.

Best Culinary courses in India is not a new phenomena. Even in the earlier times, the maharajas and the early royal families were known to keep royal cooks known as ‘khansamas’ who knew to cook some finger licking food. Even the gene…

Cooks are inborn and not created

The best cooks are the one who want to cook and not made to cook. A good cook never looks at cooking as a task, or a daily load that has to be carried forward. For them,cooking is a craft which has to be done with panache. Nowadays, there are several culinary courses which cater to the needs of the middle and upper middle class people. For example, culinary courses in Bangalore, are such that the students enrolled in this course learn all the knick -knack of cooking.
These courses teach the students the latest in culinary art. The professional culinary colleges in Bangalore, such as the Academy of culinary Art teach the students everything related to cooking.
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All things culinary

Whenever someone mentions the term culinary , most people think cooking. But, it actually is more that . Culinary means cooking with panache and is a major part of gastronomic sciences. One can find professional culinary colleges in India which provide the best courses. These courses deal with all aspects of cooking sciences.
They provide the best professional culinary courses in India. Those who are interested in learning the fine art of cooking can join there. They teach all the knick knack of cooking and all aspects related to it. The faculty of these colleges are a master in their craft.
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Food on my mind _ academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogspot

One may think cooking as an easy business,but the fact of the matter is that cooking is more than that, it’s a craft that requires dexterity, patience, intelligence and of course, lot of hard work. Cooking ,bluntly put, is basically a violent exercise considering all the pounding, grinding,heating etc involved in the whole process. Early man dwelled on raw vegetables and fruits. However, with the passage of time,as situations changed cooking became an integral part of daily routine.
Food is something which changes its form with change in geography. People change, language changes,and so, it’s but natural, that food too undergoes change. This is how cuisines take form and variation in cooking takes place.
Fast forwarding to the modern times, cooking or culinary, euphemistically speaking, has garnered new dimensions. One can find many cooking schools or culinary schools which teach cooking to the novice. One can find many school of culinary arts which teach all the knicks-knacks of cooki…

Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore blogs

Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore is an International Culinary School. We strongly believe in teaching which is hands-on with a qualified chef. You will be groomed and trained in a very professional and comfortable setting. At Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore, when you enroll with us, you don’t just learn basic culinary skills.
You will understand and feel the whole culinary world around you. You will observe the real meaning and understanding of different cuisines. After completing the program, you will be working as Intern or full time commi chefs at some of the great hotels and restaurants in Asia Pacific. We invest continually in our curriculum and our teachers. We have an extraordinary team of In-house and visiting Guest Chefs that ensures that our curriculum is most updated and most comprehensive. Our job is to ensure that you are fully immersed in the whole world of cuisine and not merely in the classroom. best professional  culinary course in Bangalore , You cannot learn co…