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How cuisines evolved from ancient to modern times in India

Food has always been the spice of life, especially when it’s Indian cuisine. Indian cuisines consist of a wide variety of traditional as well regional cuisines. Given the variety in soil type, climate, culture, ethnic groups and occupation, these cuisines differ significantly from each other and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. The religious beliefs and culture in India have played a significant role in the evolution of its cuisine. India’s unique blend of cuisines evolved through large-scale cultural interaction with our neighbors namely, Persia, ancient Greece, Mongolia and West Asia. With the coming of Arabs and Portuguese traders, chili peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. came into existence. European cooking styles were introduced during the colonial period. This has since then always, added to the variety of Indian cuisine.
The history of Indian cuisines can be taken back to the ancient days when the culture of preparing cuisines in a proper procedure …
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A sweeter way to bag your sweethearts: through cakes and goodies

There is nothing more endearing than sumptuous gifts like cakes and other small sweet goodies such as cupcakes, muffins, pastries, to linger the heart of your sweethearts. The delicious flavour, the lip-smacking creamy frost and the unsurpassed designer decoration will leave your loved ones spellbound. Chocolates have become a mainstream thing for gifting your loved ones because cakes are a favourite amongst both men and women. People are now taking professional classes to bake different types of cakes like travel cakes, cakes with various flavours, fondant cakes, etc. Gifting a basket full of cupcakes, muffins, pastries and self-baked cakes is the best gift you can give to your sweetheart. From Valentine’s Day to birthdays and to anniversaries, every day is a reason to celebrate with your loved ones with goodies and cakes. There always few important days in your life, which you might tend to forget due to workload, like your every month anniversary. You might just forget to buy a gift …

Hobbies to inculcate: Patisserie Making

Hobby is a great way to relieve stress. It brings joy and enriches our lives.  It is a stress-reliever and engages an individual for relaxation. Hobbies help an individual to become more patient and composed. It lets an individual to relax and indulge in activities, that aren’t associated with work or other responsibilities. Baking is a great therapeutic activity for a person who loves to cook new recipes.  Activities liking baking pastries and cakes stimulates an individual’s sense of taste and can also be a pleasant surprise for others too. Baking not only gives pleasure but it also helps to ease depression and anxiety. There are several schools for baking and pastry classes, where students learn to make cakes and pastries for weddings and special occasions.
Acts as a meditation therapy Baking is a simple and repetitive activity which relaxes the mind and therefore acts as a meditation therapy. Whipping up cream and butter and whisking eggs creates a space and brings positive thinkin…

Welcome to the sweet life: a guide to Baking and Patisserie

The human tongue can sense four flavours; sour, bitter, salty and sweet. Half of us have a tendency of not eating sweets at all and half of us have a tendency of being addicted to sweets. I feel having a sweet tooth is the best thing; one has a variety of options to soothe their tongue. Some of us crave for sweets when we’re not well or when we feel low; they act as an energizer for us. For some of us, sweets are the best gift for our loved ones, be it lovers, friends or family, sweets bring a smile to everybody’s face. Too much of anything is not good for the body though and the same goes for sugar as well thus creating an even bigger market for sugar free products for health conscious individuals.
The world of Pastry has evolved in the last few years. Traditional Indian sweets or ‘mithais’ are slowly being replaced with French pastries. The pastry world offers an array of flavors, textures, colors and shapes and something to satiate everybody’s taste buds. Thanks to social media, a…

For the Love of Cake- A cake lovers guide to decadence

There's nothing more endearing than sharing generous slices of mouthwatering cakes with family or friends. While you bake a cake you are taking advantage of some magical scientific transformation to create something sugary, delicate and delicious, that everyone will love. Who in this world doesn’t like cakes? You? Everyone does, right? What better than knowing the art of baking something you love?Baking cake is an ageless tradition, I’m sure you might have tried baking a cake once in your life. The first skilled bakers that came into existence were probably the Egyptians, during their time's cakes were basically bread with egg and honey. The earliest English cakes were also essentially bread, the only distinguishing factor in them was the shape- flat and round.
You know that you can make it up to any of your loved ones be it friends, lovers, siblings or sometimes parents to by baking a cake for them.We, Indians anyway have a good sense of taste when it comes to food and espec…

All About The Fine Art Of Baking

This existence is fleeting and if one had to hold it by the reigns, the task would be as humongous as Hercules, moving the mountain. Yet as a part of human nature, we are prone to test our waters and perseverance, to achieve the unthinkable. And such is our hunger for life that it surpasses every other aspect of existence- we are beasts guided by the fancies of our senses. With eyes we view our acquisitions, with ears we pick up the cues to safeguard ourselves, through nose, we guide ourselves out of unpleasantness and through skin we comfort ourselves of this existence. But wait……..aren’t we missing something? Oh yes- the tongue. The organ that houses all the nerve endings, connected to the finer things in life- including baked goodies.

Starting from savoury lasagnes to sweet chocolate covered cookies to healthy baked sweet potatoes- oh! how those baked goodies taste in your mouth? Salivating, eh? And while we can daydream endlessly about baked decadency melting in our mouth, why no…

Cooking with the masters

Cooking is something which most people think as an easy process. Cooking, however, is one thing that involves lot of mental as well as physical stamina. It involves lot of grinding, pounding, cutting and cooking. One has to decide about number of factors such as the spices, flow of heat, amount of salt etc. And these decisions have to be taken instantly. 

Cooking is as old an art as civilisation. In the earlier times, cooking was done by heating the food on conventional ovens. However, as time passed by and men gained controlled over heat, cooking techniques improved, and food became more sophisticated in nature. 

Fast forwarding to the modern times, there are many culinary art schools where cooking is taught following the latest trends and techniques. The best professional culinary course in Erode, is an example of the fact that how good culinary schools have opened up in every nook and corner of the country. These courses are meant for all and available for short term as well as lo…