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Culinary art as a profession

Culinary is not a new profession in India. Culinary art has always existed in India, but in the Indian form. The earlier Indian cooks were known as the khansamas who were home bred and illiterate and yet could cook some delicious food. These khansamas usually used to work in Indian household. There are various  professional culinary schools in Noidawhere the students can learn the latest technique in cooking. These cooking courses are taught by complete hands on training. 
There are many professional culinary courses in Siligudi, where the students can learn everything about cooking from chefs of international repute.
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Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore Blogs_Some seafood on my platter

You can call me a softcore non vegetarian( if there’s a term called so). In other words, I eat non veg only on occasions. I‘d like to share one of the experiences I had while going on a trip to the coastal state of Goa . 
Now, Goa is famous for its seafood. So, as we halted to a small restaurant and ordered a  non veg platter. We pre assumed it to be prawns or the maximum some exotic fish or something. And the food finally arrived….and left us well, speechless! There was seafood, right, but not in the form we imagined. The platter consisted of prawns and... well frog legs!! Now I just stared at them. By exotic food and sea food I never thought of frog legs, at least. Then someone just told me it was a local delicacy. 
There are many professional culinary courses in Indiawhich specialises in teaching exotic non vegetarian dishes just like these. One can choose from a full time to part time courses. These courses are specifically designed so that the students get to learn the latest trend…

academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogs_Dhaba : The understated but much sought after Indian eatery

I still remember with fondness, a trip to Nainital. I was  in my early teens. As we set out on a summer excursion to this small hill station in Uttarakhand, it was curiosity, and adventure that ruled our mindset. Me and my family were going on this trip after a long hiatus. The summer holidays for us, like most Indian household was supposed to be this period of mindfulness and wonderful respite from our daily routine. So, we started our journey to this lofty hill station ,a journey in pursuit of happiness…...
My driver was driving our old Fiat, the defunct, yet very dear car of ours. On our path to the hills, came the broken roads, the passing trees, the shepherd with his flock of goats, and several dhabas. As the sun ascended the sky, hunger set in and hence started our search for dhabas and eateries.I suddenly started observing the dhabas and noticed most of them were these small eateries, neatly arranged with goodies and stuff. We halted over one such dhaba and started our lunch. Th…

Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore Blogs_The tiffin period and nostalgia attached to it

School tiffin period…...I guess everyone has some special nostalgia attached to it. Who can forget the different aromas that spread across the classrooms and class corridors as everyone opened one’s tiffins during the break period? This was perhaps the best part of being in school. Schools are these universal divine places where children belonging to different caste,creed, language, religion etc. intermingle to get the gift of education.
So, it was obvious that the tiffin period was too, a harmonious blend of aromas coming from cuisines of different times. There was a south Indian girl in our class whose mother made this extra yummy dosas and idlis. And there was one Punjabi friend whose sarson da saag and makke di roti just enough to ignite and salivate our taste buds. The sweetmeat of a Bengali friend usually used to be the dessert we all preferred after we all had our meals. Even the non vegetarian dish bought by our Mohamadeen pals was gorged upon with fondness.
There used to be f…

Culinary art schools to invoke your cooking style

Culinary according to many people is a new concept , but the fact of the matter is that cooking is an art that has been in vogue in India since a long time. India had a rich heritage of khansamas who could cook meals of different styles and mostly worked in royal houses. These khansamas could cook outright delicious food. The khansamas were people who were home bred and illiterate , but could make food of different  tastes and variance.
Nowadays, there are best culinary schools in Jodhpur which cater to the needs of the middle and upper middle class people. These culinary schools are the best and are great examples of good culinary schools in small towns and cities.
There are top culinary schools in Dehradun who provide the best training in culinary art. These institutes are the best when it comes to culinary art. Culinary institutes in Gurgaon are all quite good and have the best of the facilities.

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Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore Blogs_MY FIRST COOKING CLASS

I got married at 22. I was straight out of college. I was good in academics, music, painting, and everything else that goes on to make a good housewife. Only thing…. I didn’t know, how to cook. After marriage, my husband was transferred outstation and consequently only after a month we, moved out from our in laws house. So, as would be anyone’s guess, I learnt nothing related to gourmet sciences or the art of cooking. So, my only ray of hope came in the form of my husband. He could cook, but more of a ‘make do’ cook. In his bachelor days, he learnt few things related to cooking. So, this is where my story begins…
He started by arranging the spices. He taught me how to cut the veggies. I helped, but to no avail. Some of the carrots were big and others were too small.Then came the grinding, the mixing, and the heat control. The food was prepared and on the table at last! Whatever, I must admit it was adventurous and a new experience for me. It was the late 70s I am talking about. Fast fo…

Academy of Culinary Arts Bangalore Blogs_ North and South : Unity in Diversity

India is a big country and it would not be wrong to say it is primarily a world within a country. Its home to several cultures, sub-cultures and a colourful amalgamation of several philosophical views, religions, languages and cuisines. On the topic of food, let’s come to the great Indian divide. Of course, the North-South divide. 
North India is proud of their wheat breads such as naan, roti etc. whereas South India seems particularly fond of their rice based products such as dosa, idli, appam, etc. So who scores? Well, on the subject of food let’s do a quick swot up on north and south cuisines and see what each culture has to offer.
North cuisines, as aforesaid is primarily wheat based. Unlike their south Indian counterparts, they do like their rice, but this is not a part of their daily carb, it’s more of  a delicacy. In the South parboiled rice is part of daily routine whereas in the North, Basmati rice made as Pulao or Biryani is more favored. If one joins the  best professional c…

Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore Blogs _ BIG DREAMS OF A SMALL TOWN BOY

‘Big dreams of a small town boy’...perhaps, these seem  mismatched words. But, then I was always a dreamer. My daydreams, however differed from others, for I dreamt of becoming a chef, a culinary chef to be precise! Now, when and how I inculcated the desire of becoming a chef, I had no idea. Perhaps, the fact that I was a foodie, myself, was one reason, or the fact that both my parents were awesome cooks or the fact, that, I could just like my parents could cook good food, or …..perhaps all the aforesaid reasons.
Growing up in small city, I sometimes felt that this dream of mine would never blossom. I did search through the internet for the best culinary schools in Amritsar. I did find some good institutes but, they were not what I was looking out for.
Then a close acquaintance told me about Academy of Culinary Art, Bangalore. This is one culinary academy that uses state of the art technology to teach the enrollees all the aspects related to cooking and culinary arts. Amongst the sate…

Cooking taught the viable way

According to most people culinary is a new concept in India, but the fact of the matter is that culinary is an old art in India. India always had the old tradition of khansamas who could cook some best food. These khansamas were chefs who were home bred, and illiterate and , had the quality of cooking marvellous food.
Nowadays there are institutes who are teach the students the art of cooking. The culinary institutes in Gurgaon,  for instance is an example that cooking institutes have gained their hold in every nook and corner of the country. Culinary courses in Jaipur, is another example that good cooking institutes have come in vogue in modern cities and are gaining much popularity amongst the masses. 1st Block Koramangala, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034, India
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Culinary classes to enhance your cooking skills

Culinary according to many people is a new concept in India , but the fact of the matter is that culinary is  old  phenomenon, in India. The Indian cooks were known by the name of khansamas . These khansamas were home bred chefs who were capable of cooking some awesome food. The best professional culinary schools in Delhi inculcate the cooking virtues of these old khansamas and teach the students the various tactic of cooking.

Culinary colleges in Agra are also good and just an example which shows cooking institutes have found a hold in small towns and cities also. These institutes teach by complete hands on training.

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Chilli Chicken and a Sunday Lunch

I was looking forward to this Sunday. Guests were visiting and the house was full of fun and frolic. Apart from the general milieu, the thing that interested everyone was the lunch that was being prepared. The food was a combination of vegetarian and non vegetarian platters. And the food that interested us all was - Chilli Chicken!! My mother was cooking it and this perhaps was one of the many reasons why this one dish was eagerly awaited and caught everyone’s interest. My mother, needless to mention,  is a great cook and she cooks this amazing chicken.
Earlier, I mean half a century  before cooking was mostly a household affair, at least in middle class houses. Mothers passed their cooking skills to their young girls and the tradition continued . No wonder, my mother like most mother could cook well and chilli chicken was one thing she specialised in and cooked well. ( at least for me) Fastforwarding to the modern era ,nowadays, there are various culinary institutes in India, which u…

Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogs_Delicious Vegetarian Food for Everyone

The debate goes on….vegan or non vegan? Who scores? Whatever, the result, we do understand the fact that there are plenty to choose from in both the categories. Just as Non-Veg diets, there are a variety of vegetarian dishes also. When we talk of vegetarian dishes, there are number of starters, buffet, main course, and desserts to choose from.

In vegetarian starters one can choose from number of soups such as mushroom soups, carrot soups, corn soups etc. chilli paneer, baby corns etc. And when it comes to platter and buffet, there are number of options available. Even desserts and puddings are available in vegetarian platter. There are best professional culinary course in Chennaiwhich offer a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. These courses are a good option for those who are themselves vegetarian or have vegetarians friends and acquaintances.
There are variousculinary arts courses in Mumbai, also which teach the students the alpha and omega of cooking. On coming to the vegetarian aspec…

The origins of cooking: A Brief History

The early man, before he discovered fire, used to savour the food he gathered from the forest. Even the meat used to be salted. However, the  discovery of fire was a major invention. As men gathered more control over heat, cooking too evolved. The whole process of cooking became more easier. With the advent of civilisation new technique of cooking started being developed. It was natural that we move from country to country and from region to region, there is difference in cuisine and cooking styles. In the earlier times people, generally relied on the local spices and grains found. However, with globalisation, new techniques of food making came into vogue.
Fastforwarding to the modern times, there are many culinary arts institutes which teach the students the art of gourmet sciences. There are various culinary colleges in Bangalore, for instance, which teach the students everything related to cooking. Here, these institutes are visited by chefs of national and international repute who a…

Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore blogs_ How culinary schools evolved in India

Culinary schools are something which many modern Indians think is a new concept, but the fact of the matter is that India, always had a rich culture of Khansamas. These khansamas were people who though illiterate could cook some awesome food. Nowadays, in the modern times, there are various culinary schools which teach the students everything related to cooking.Best professional culinary schools in India, cater to the needs of the middle and upper middle class people. These schools teach the students every aspect of culinary art. These schools are often visited by international chefs.
Professional culinary course in Bangalore , for instance caters to the needs of the masses as well as the clases. They teach the students the alpha and omega of cooking. 1st Block Koramangala, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034, India
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Beautiful country, Beautiful cuisines

Most people think that culinary arts is a new phenomenon in India, but the fact of the matter is that India always had a rich tradition of cooking. Our gourmets and cuisines are as rich as any other country. And the best part is the variance that one gets in these cuisines. The dishes found in local stations are taught in various culinary schools. Culinary arts courses in Mumbai, for instance teach the students a variety of dishes. The Academy of Culinary Arts is another institute which teaches the students international as well as local dishes. Let’s do a quick swot up on the dishes and cuisines found in our country.

The different states of India are rich in different cuisines such as:- Andhra Pradesh is famous for Gongura Pachadi, which is a pickle made from sorrel leaves and tastes heaven with steamed rice and onion. Arunachal pradesh loves its pork dish cooked with sengmora leaves. Tastes nice with Apong(beer) Assam is known for its fish curry known as Masor Tenga which is a mouth wat…